Welcome to Niptees

Where Fun
Meets Fashion

Redefining the world of pasties, we've crafted a brand that celebrates the vibrant and the vivacious with styles never seen before!


Quality Matters

We prioritize a worry-free experience with hypoallergenic and waterproof adhesive.

It's reliable and comfortable so you can confidently enjoy any adventure!

Our Proudest Moments

Celebrating Expression

We collaborate with models who use their creativity to fashion Niptees in the way that speaks to them.

Bringing Custom Designs to Life

From brand logos, to inside jokes, to color matching with your boat, we love turning your ideas into wearable art! 

Why Choose us?

We go the extra mile for our customers satisfaction.

The Colorful Difference: Our designs are a burst of color in a sea of monotony. 
Inspired by what we felt was lacking in the current market, Niptees brings you pasties that are not just accessories but expressions of joy, creativity, and individuality.

Made in the USA,
Made with Love:

Every pair of pasties is crafted in-house, allowing us to maintain the highest standards of quality and customization. 

Niptees is looking ahead to have one of the largest USA-made collections of pasties that covers every design idea imaginable.